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What if you could FEEL  something without being OVERTAKEN by it?

Online DBT skills
for high anxiety & intense emotions

What if you could make the emotional intensity stop?

The torment on Sunday nights.

The second-guessing about basic conversations and decisions.

The chronic worry about stuff other people seem to breeze past.

The tightening knots in your stomach when you’re feeling uncertain about what faces you next.

You simply want to experience a day without the overwhelming feelings, the lack of control inside.

You've tried so hard, but you can’t seem to turn off your brain. You can't stop the powerful emotions.


Everyone else seems so normal. But not you.

You wake up each day bracing for the worst.

Coping with it just feels like whack-a-mole.

Sure, you coached yourself through all that worry you'd said the “wrong” thing to your friend…

…but then nausea pops back up about that looming presentation at work…

…and then of course your car is making a funny noise and you can’t stop ruminating about the ginormous bill you'll owe the mechanic…

...and you have a nagging suspicion that you are a disappointment to everyone around you...

You watch as your anxiety jumps from topic to topic.


Powerful feelings keep escaping your grip, leaving you feeling helpless to stop them.

So you’ve listened to the podcasts, read the books, saved the memes. 


Maybe you even tried to berate yourself into feeling less anxious and less of a "mess."


Maybe you’ve even tried therapy. You might even be in therapy right now but it’s not quite giving you the tools you need to actually feel relief in daily life.

I’ve known how impossible it seems to feel any different.

The truth is…
relief is absolutely within your grasp.


You just need some new knowledge, some new skills, and some practice handling things differently. 

I know personally that it’s possible to have a life where anxiety and intense emotions don’t get to be in charge. I’ve lived what you are living.


I know what it's like to:

  • toss and turn at night unable to make my brain stop.

  • feel the rush of heat on my skin, the dry mouth, and the foggy brain when the eyeballs turn to me and it’s my turn to talk. 

  • put off making decisions because I couldn’t bear to disappoint someone.

  • double-check EVERYthing because I’m so freaked out that someone might be upset with me.

  • ask for repeated reassurance that the relationship is okay

  • avoid social things, fearing I wouldn’t be able to handle the intense discomfort inside me.

  • use alcohol to feel more socially capable.

But now...these burdens don't get to plague me anymore.


When powerful emotions show up, I know just what to do.

What if your daily life felt different? What if you felt in control?


Imagine what emotional ease could look like....

You can... more confident to face uncertain things.

...stop feeling like you are failing

...stop feeling that you are a failure. 


You can:

...get sleep without anxiety robbing from you.

...turn off that restless feeling in your body. 

...feel more ownership over your everyday experience.

You can: 

...enjoy time around people.

...feel less worried what people are really thinking of you.

...actually feel relief.


You can fear life less.

You can even have hopefulness & optimism instead of dread.


You just need the right tools and the right guide!

Get started managing your emotions differently


Grab a FREE download of the 3 Mindful Moments daily practice routine.
It's one of the tools from the 8-week course.

The daily routine will get you started with emotion regulation & boost your emotional awareness for easier coping. 

Let me be your guide to emotional relief.


Join me in Dial Down Anxiety with DBT, an online course designed for adults with overwhelming anxiety and strong emotions who want proven methods for lasting relief.

I’ve enhanced the research-backed DBT Emotion Regulation skills to specifically address anxiety and equip you with the knowledge and techniques you need.

By the end of your journey in Dial Down Anxiety with DBT, you will have a wealth of tools and daily strategies to finally untangle yourself from debilitating anxiety and overpowering emotions.

headshot of online DBT instructor

I am very grateful for this course, and I would highly recommend it to someone who is feeling anxious or is interested in emotions.

This course was the one thing that really moved the needle for me in my journey to heal myself. The material was so expertly taught and it had lasting impact.

It was the perfect balance of providing a solid understanding of our emotions and practical actions we can take to better regulate them. 

What exactly is DBT? And how will it help me?


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a unique therapeutic model created by Dr. Marsha Linehan in the late 1980s to help those with chronically intense emotions.

DBT focuses on learning very specific skills to give you new methods for creating a life you actually want to be living.


By understanding and managing your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and urges better, you are able to finally know what to do differently in your life on a daily basis.

Dial Down Anxiety with DBT includes:

  • 8 live class sessions, 90 minutes each

  • the full curriculum of the Emotion Regulation section of original DBT

  • 1 class on body regulation tools from the Distress Tolerance section of DBT

  • 1 class on Mindfulness tools to increase self-awareness

  • elements of neuroscience and nervous system functioning

  • techniques from other research-proven methods like Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Your emotions and anxiety are we need a powerful approach.


This robust online DBT course condenses years worth of emotion regulation tools & content into 8 actionable weeks. 

By the end of this course, you will be…



You'll be equipped to recognize and reduce your anxiety and other strong emotions.


You’ll learn and practice over 40 specific anxiety-reduction and emotion management tools from DBT, CBT, ACT and other therapies to choose from when you need them.



You'll be ready to actually use tools in the moments where you most need them.

You’ll lean on the guided & tailored practices from the course that prepared you to use these new tools in your real life. You'll greatly improve your daily experience.


In control

You'll be able to finally feel some emotional control and know that you are not broken.

Your understanding of why you have emotions and how emotions behave in your body will empower you to work with emotions instead of feeling controlled by them.

What’s waiting
for you inside
Dial Down Anxiety with DBT

Live classes

8 live 90-minute online classes carefully designed to fully equip you to untangle from anxiety & strong emotions even if nothing you’ve tried before has worked.


Recordings of the live class so you can watch it anytime if you miss the class or if you want to re-watch to fully absorb the content.

Guides & Handouts

All the handouts & guides you need for use during each lesson. You'll receive additional documents, videos, and online tools to rely on even after the course is over.


Weekly strategy practice in class and also with assignments to provide you with accountability and support so you can go from overwhelm to confident coping in 8 weeks.


Quizzes along the way to ensure your understanding and keep your new skills sharp for easier use in your daily life.


Optional mindfulness exercises to hone your ability to identify and manage your thoughts & emotions.

Optional class buddy to practice between classes with.

Bonus sleep improvement protocols.


What previous Dial Down Anxiety with DBT course members are saying…

I really appreciated getting to learn more about the brain and how my emotions work. I wished I could have had multiple class sessions on each topic! 

The information presented was wonderful…I enjoyed the practice assignments. 

I truly enjoyed the course! The thoughtful effort you put into the classes and feedback was noticed and greatly appreciated.

I really felt like I got a lot out of the course and will continue to use the skills. It’s honestly felt life changing in how I view, understand and handle emotions.

I love the way you give instruction on a technique and immediately pair it with a real world example, that’s so helpful.

This is a good course…I have been sharing what I’ve learned with my wife and daughter. I’ve already benefited from the things learned.

Feeling ready to enroll?

The next live 8-week course starts on Wednesday August 28, 2024. ​

If you're definitely interested,

please complete the enrollment interest form.

Once you submit the form, the next step is a short 15 minute consultation with Heather to discuss the course, answer all your questions and be sure the course is a fit before enrolling.


Please review the FAQ page for full details including payment information.

Tuition & Meeting Details

Tuition:  $787 (about $98 per 90-minute class) 
Time:  Wednesdays from 4:15pm – 5:45pm ET (NY)
Dates:  August 28 - October 23, 2024
       skipping Sept 25th (8 class meetings over 9 weeks)

Curious but not ready?

Please go grab a FREE download of the 3 Mindful Moments daily practice routine. 


It's one of the tools I include in the 8-week course.


The daily routine will help you get started with emotion regulation and boost your emotional awareness for easier coping. 

image of free download for daily practice routine
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You can have a life with more ease...

It's waiting for you.

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