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Here’s what you'll learn during your 8 weeks in the course.

Detailed video walk-through of the course content.

Week one

Tools to understand emotions & the brain:

  • Why do we have emotions?

  • The 10 main emotions & their functions

  • Your emotional thermometer

  • How the brain handles emotions

  • The brain’s Negativity Bias and Default Mode Network

Week two

Tools to manage intense emotions:

  • The 4 ways to address intense emotions & life problems

  • Sensory soothing strategies

  • TIPP skills for body calming

  • Distraction strategies

Week three

Tools to increase emotional awareness:

  • Basic concepts of mindfulness

  • The 6 mindfulness skills: Observing, Describing, Participating, Non-judgment, One-mindfulness, Effectiveness

Week four

Tools to deepen emotional understanding:

  • Brain/body model of emotions

  • Specific biological purposes of our 10 main emotions

  • Emotion truths & common myths

Week five

Tools for lowering the intensity of unwanted emotions:

  • DBT Check the Facts skill

  • DBT Opposite Action skill

  • Physical impact of emotions & their urges

Week six

Tools to manage emotions by making changes:

  • Using the Problem Solving skill to make deliberate changes & reduce challenging emotions

  • Clarifying ideal options and action steps

  • Creating Positive Experiences on purpose

Week seven

Tools to reduce vulnerability & cultivate positive emotions:

  • 3 Keys to cultivating emotional resilience

  • The Cope Ahead skill to reduce emotional vulnerability

  • Aligning with core life values to increase emotional stability

Week eight

Tools to increase resilience and un-attach from emotions:

  • Increase emotional resilience with the PLEASE skill

  • Emotion acceptance with RAIN technique

  • Review and troubleshooting of all skills and concepts

  • Final course wrap-up.

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