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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Dial Down Anxiety with DBT start?

Enrollment is currently closed. The next live course starts in late August 2024. You can fill out the enrollment interest form to receive more information about the live course and the self-paced version.

What is the format of Dial Down Anxiety with DBT?

It’s a live online course that meets for 8 class sessions, spread over 9 total weeks. We take one week off in the middle of the course.

We meet live via Zoom, typically on Wednesdays from 4:15pm ET - 5:45pm ET.

Class sessions are 90-minutes each with a 5-minute break midway through class.

Classes include instruction on skills, interactive practice, and guided application to your specific concerns if you choose to share aloud.

Each class is recorded, so you can conveniently watch when your schedule, time zone, energy level and/or mood allow if you are unable to attend it live.

How much does Dial Down Anxiety with DBT cost?

One payment of $787 for the 8-week course.

It’s about $98 per 90-minute class or $66 per hour.

Do you have payment plans?

If you pay in full up front, the course cost is $787. You can also split this into two monthly payments of $447 each ($894 total).

How will my life be different after this course?

To be clear, your anxiety will not be gone after this class. Your strong emotions will not disappear.

BUT, you will learn over 40 specific anxiety-reduction and emotion management tools. You will be incredibly well-equipped to recognize your anxiety & other intense emotions before they overpower you, implement strategies to dial them down, and build in daily methods to reduce your overall vulnerability to emotional hijacking.

Because of the clear strategies and our practices together, you’ll be able to actually use these tools in the moments where you need them most and finally feel some control over your daily experience.

Why do you have an enrollment process?

Why can’t I just pay & signup?

I really want you to be successful and to get what you need. So to be sure this class is a good fit you, before enrolling, I’ll meet with you first.

We’ll schedule a quick call or video chat for us to discuss your unique needs, go over what’s needed for the best outcomes, and answer any questions you might have about fit.

The methods we cover require commitment and consistent effort for implementation. It's important that we explore your desire & readiness for that.

Do I need to be in therapy for this to help? Is this course therapy?

No and no.

Dial Down Anxiety with DBT is an educational course about managing and understanding your emotions. You do not need to have any formal diagnosis to enroll and benefit from the course.

In the course, you’ll increase your understanding of yourself and your emotions and gain tools to better manage them, but there will be no processing of your personal patterns, wounds, and relationship dynamics like what therapy offers.

This course is not therapy or counseling, but the content is a terrific supplement to therapy if you are currently in individual treatment.

Do you take insurance?

No. Because this course is psycho-education and not therapy or medical treatment, it is not covered by health insurance.


Some workplace wellness or continuing education benefits may offer you coverage or a stipend. Check with your employer about this.

What makes this course different?

Several things!

  • Course content is focused on emotion management, and specifically includes application for high anxiety. Other courses for anxiety are centered around thought-changing exercises, without specific attention to regulating the body first.​

A physical body that is escalated or flooded is not primed to think critically or manage tough moments.


This course explains what is happening in your body and how to manage it *before* you implement your critical thinking skills to manage powerful emotions.

  • Nearly all of the in-person or online DBT classes out there expect a 6-month commitment to complete the entire DBT curriculum. This course is an abbreviated selection of materials from the full DBT curriculum. The course includes:

    • the entire Emotional Regulation section from the Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills book

    • select content from the Distress Tolerance section

    • select content from the Mindfulness section

    • additional neuroscience info & special enhancements for those struggling with high anxiety.

    • the full curriculum is detailed here.

  • Traditional DBT classes require you to retake the class (and re-pay) to get the repetition you might need.

Research from the DBT founder’s Behavioral Tech Institute indicates that the average person benefits most from going through the entire course about 2.5 times to absorb all the material. You pay only once for Dial Down Anxiety with DBT and the content is yours to repeat and review as often as you like.

  • You can re-watch the recordings if high emotion or internal distractions make it hard to absorb the information or if you miss attending class live.

  • If you have high anxiety and struggle being on camera or talking in groups, you will NOT need to have your camera or mic on during class if you prefer not to, this is your choice.

Are any materials needed for the course?

You'll need a reliable internet connection. You'll benefit from taking notes, so you’ll need something to write with/on.

For ideal viewing and participation, use a laptop or desktop computer. Tablets and smartphones are less ideal, but will work.

The Chrome browser is preferred for the best experience in the live class or for the video recordings and to most easily view the course materials. 

All handouts & practice materials you need are included.


You don't need the book, but the course is created around material from the book DBT Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, 2nd edition by Dr. Marsha Linehan in addition to other supplementary information & tools.

What computer platforms will we use?

We will use secure Zoom meetings for the live class and Google Classroom to access & share all videos,  materials, practice assignments, and submissions.


Step-by-step login information will be provided if these platforms are new to you. You will need to have a gmail address to access Google Classroom. Gmail addresses are free and simple to create if you do not already have one.

Can I enroll my child or teen in this program?

No, this course is designed for adults. The content is tailored for those with adult comprehension and who have primary control over their time and environment.

Do I have a limited amount of time to access the class content?

Although the course meets together for 8 classes, you will have lifetime access to the recordings and resources from this version of the course. They are yours to download and refer to again and again.


My goal for you is permanent change and that does often require repetition.

Do you offer refunds or a money-back guarantee?

I truly want you to experience change in your life. Because this is an 8-week course, if you attend the first 4 classes and can prove that you’ve done the work but are not seeing any impact, I will refund the cost of the remaining 4 classes to you.

What are your terms and conditions?

Great question! You are a detail-oriented person like me! The full user agreement is here.

This all looks amazing. I’m really interested in enrolling, but first I have another question. 

Please don’t hesitate to email

I'm not ready right now, what can I do on my own?

Please grab a FREE download of the 3 Mindful Moments daily practice routine I've created. 

It's one of the tools I include in the 8-week course.


The daily routine will help you get started with emotion regulation and boost your emotional awareness for easier coping. ​

image of free download for daily practice routine
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